Why Alice Fertility Clinic is the Best Option
Alice Fertility Clinic has experienced and dedicated team of managers and specialists that provides all-inclusive and personalized services to our IPs, surrogate mothers, and egg donors.
Alice Clinic provide the
Best Medical Care and Expertise

Our doctors bring us to the forefront of reproductive medicine and make us the top pick for a fertility clinic not only in Kyiv but all over Ukraine.
Alice Fertility Clinic is the Top Pick for a Surrogacy Clinic Ukraine

Ukrainian laws only allow heterosexual couples to use the country's surrogacy programs, but Alice has made surrogacy also accessible to "non-traditional" couples by expanding our operations internationally.
As a full-service reproductive clinic dedicated to helping create a complete family, Alice offers the following benefits to all deserving, aspiring parents:
  • Professional medical services
  • No waiting list for a successful match with an available and carefully picked surrogate
  • Updated donor database
  • High success rates
  • Guaranteed surrogacy programs tailored to clients' needs
  • Individual care and support throughout the surrogacy journey
  • Convenient payment structures with no hidden costs
  • Full legal support
We know that surrogacy can be a complicated and stressful journey to parenthood, so we do our best to pave the way for a smooth process – because it's something that should bring intended parents as much joy as possible.
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