Surrogate mothers
The surrogacy journey is a life-altering experience – both to the Intended Parents (IPs) and, most importantly, to the courageous, caring, and selfless surrogate mothers.
However, for all the joys that lay ahead for the IPs after a successful surrogacy arrangement, the groundwork is laid way before the IPs even match with their ideal surrogate mother.
Our Surrogate Moms are Invaluable
Here at the Alice Fertility Clinic, we understand the importance of surrogate mothers in the surrogacy journey. That's why, as an international clinic, we ensure a surrogate mother is not only vetted, medically screened, and taken care of in the best way possible for a successful gestation period.
How Do We Select Sergeant Mothers?
We know our surrogate carriers are the key to the success. Our clinic has had turning most Intended Parent's frustrations into lifelong joys. And as such, becoming a surrogate mother ta Alice clinic means being medically fit –both physically and mentally – among other requirements.
Here are the steps are taken when selecting a surrogate woman:
Step 1: Application
This is where a prospective surrogate willing to be part of our family fills a form, providing their number, email, and story behind deciding to be a sergeant mom.
Step 2: Free Consultation
Once we've received the application, one of our managers consults the prospective surrogate. The manager will gather more detailed information from the would-be surrogate. Besides, the consultant helps them understand what the surrogate mother process involves to ensure they are 10000% willing to be part of our family.
Step 3: Physical examinations and medical screening
This involves collecting detailed information about the potential surrogate mum's health history, family, among other medical qualifications. Here they will meet with fertility specialists to ensure they are fit for surrogacy.

We also carry out mental health evaluations to ensure the surrogate mom is psychologically ready for surrogacy.

We ensure all of our surrogate mothers:

  • Have an Rh-positive blood type – this helps avoid Rhesus factor problems.
  • Have at least one healthy biological child and a history of at least one successful and uncomplicated pregnancy
  • Do not have a history of drug use – Non-smoker or drinker and other drugs.
  • Are screened for STDs and other viruses that can affect fertility.
  • Are between 18-36 years old.
Step 4: Background Checks
At this stage, we ask the potential surrogate mom for consent to multiple background checks, such as standard criminal record checks. Our surrogate mothers have no criminal history.
Once they meet all of our requirements, we profile the surrogate mom to allow for an easier matchup with Intended Parents.
Step 5: Meeting Potential IP's
After a surrogate mom is part of our family, they are now available to meet with Intend Parents via Skype. This is the happy moment for all the IPs who have always wondered, "Can I get a surrogate mother?"
Frequently Asked Questions about Surrogate Woman
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