Surrogacy in Ukraine
Ukraine's progressive views and legislations on surrogacy have made it one of the best surrogacy destinations in the world. Alice Fertility Clinic is experienced and dedicated medical institution in Ukraine that provides all-inclusive and personalized services to our IP's, surrogate mothers, and egg donors.
Surrogate Mother in Ukraine - your best choice for surrogacy journey
Alice Fertility clinic very proud of our surrogate mothers, also referred to as gestational carriers, are meticulously picked. They include women from all over Ukraine – some from small towns who are supporting their own families and wish to better their economic condition. Our surrogate mothers undergo comprehensive physical and psychological evaluations and thorough background checks. They must meet certain qualifications in order to be successfully matched with intended parents.

We highly value our surrogate mothers as we fully appreciate the immense contribution they make in helping deserving couples realize their dream of becoming parents. Upon successful matching, every surrogate receives the best care and appropriate compensation.
Ukraine Surrogacy Clinic - Providing the Best Medical Care and Expertise
Our doctors and healthcare partners bring us to the forefront of surrogacy services and reproductive medicine, and make us the top pick for a surrogacy agency not only in Kyiv but all over Ukraine and many other countries, from Ireland in Europe, to the USA and all the way to Australia.

Our job is to provide each of our patients a comfortable and stress-free fertility journey with the hard work of our medical specialist and managers. We want to make sure that every one of our clients feels valued and heard. At Alice, we understand how desirable parenthood for our future parents is. That is why we are ready to work day and night using modern and high-tech equipment and to make your dreams come true.
Alice Fertility Clinic
At Alice, every day we work hard to make this journey more pleasant for Intended Parents.
Step 1
Free consultation
Our managers are always ready to answer your questions, address any fears that you might naturally have and provide as much information as you need. Our experience and expertise can help you through every step, ensuring you are safe and supported.

Step 2
Documents conformation
We need to look at your marriage certificate and medical history to confirm that you qualify for a surrogacy program in Ukraine.
Step 3
Visiting Ukraine
After your documents have been reviewed, our specialists will offer you a program that will best suit your individual needs and requirements. You can then plan your visit to Ukraine. First time in Ukraine? Do not worry, our team will take very good care of you.
Step 4
Medical tests
Once in Kyiv you will meet your doctor and take all the required tests at the clinic. You will meet our team and sign the required agreements before traveling back to your home country.
Step 5
Embryo culture
Our embryologists cultivate your embryos and carry out PGD/PGS testing. The goal of the test is to identify abnormal embryos which will not be selected for transfer. These embryos are more likely to become healthy babies.
Step 6
Embryo transfer
All our surrogate mothers undergo a complete medical examination and screening before we can assign them with a couple. Should you wish to meet your surrogate before the embryo transfer procedure, we can arrange an online meeting. Two weeks after the embryo transfer, we are hoping to announce a positive pregnancy!

Step 7
Monthly reports
Every month throughout the pregnancy you will receive detailed medical reports, ultrasound pictures and scans of your baby to update you on the pregnancy progress
Step 8
You will arrive in Ukraine a couple of days before the due date. The intended mother is welcome to be there for the birth while the intended father can join them later in the private room. Our team provides full support for the couple throughout this wonderful time including translation and legal services, coordination and assistance.
Step 9
Going home
After obtaining all the required documents, you are ready to go home with your baby!
Our Surrogate Moms are Invaluable
Here at the Alice Fertility Clinic, we understand the importance of surrogate mothers in the surrogacy journey. That's why, as an international clinic, we ensure a surrogate mother is not only vetted, medically screened, and taken care of in the best way possible for a successful gestation period.
How Does We Select Sergeant Mothers?
We know our surrogate carriers are the key to the success. Our clinic has had turning most Intended Parent's frustrations into lifelong joys. And as such, becoming a surrogate mother ta Alice clinic means being medically fit –both physically and mentally – among other requirements.
Here are the steps are taken when selecting a surrogate woman:
Step 1: Application
This is where a prospective surrogate willing to be part of our family fills a form, providing their number, email, and story behind deciding to be a sergeant mom.
Step 2: Free Consultation
Once we've received the application, one of our managers consults the prospective surrogate. The manager will gather more detailed information from the would-be surrogate. Besides, the consultant helps them understand what the surrogate mother process involves to ensure they are 10000% willing to be part of our family.
Step 3: Physical examinations and medical screening
This involves collecting detailed information about the potential surrogate mum's health history, family, among other medical qualifications. Here they will meet with fertility specialists to ensure they are fit for surrogacy.

We also carry out mental health evaluations to ensure the surrogate mom is psychologically ready for surrogacy.

We ensure all of our surrogate mothers:

  • Have an Rh-positive blood type – this helps avoid Rhesus factor problems.
  • Have at least one healthy biological child and a history of at least one successful and uncomplicated pregnancy
  • Do not have a history of drug use – Non-smoker or drinker and other drugs.
  • Are screened for STDs and other viruses that can affect fertility.
  • Are between 18-36 years old.
Step 4: Background Checks
At this stage, we ask the potential surrogate mom for consent to multiple background checks, such as standard criminal record checks. Our surrogate mothers have no criminal history.
Once they meet all of our requirements, we profile the surrogate mom to allow for an easier matchup with Intended Parents.
Step 5: Meeting Potential IP's
After a surrogate mom is part of our family, they are now available to meet with Intend Parents via Skype. This is the happy moment for all the IPs who have always wondered, "Can I get a surrogate mother?"
Our programs are unique
Each of these packages was created by our team of highly qualified experts using their knowledge of Intended Parents' needs and desires
Frequently Asked Questions about Surrogate Woman
The Important Matters of Surrogate Law You Should Know About
In some areas, surrogacy is still illegal, which is why you have to plan ahead and be aware of the state or country that is surrogate-friendly. With that in mind, these are the following gestational surrogacy laws to look into before you check into agencies and make an agreement.
Before anything else, where is surrogacy legal? Not all countries allow it, so take note of these areas on the international map that permits gestational surrogacy:
  • Colombia
  • Mexico
  • Ukraine
  • India
  • Thailand
  • Russia
  • Nepal
  • Some states in the USA
What are the Specifics of Surrogacy Regulation in Different Countries?
Ukraine is a major international surrogacy destination, given its very liberal laws, as well as the fact that prices are more affordable. Since 2002, surrogacy and surrogacy in combination with egg/sperm donation has been absolutely legal in Ukraine.

Ukrainian surrogacy laws are very favourable and fully support the individual's reproductive rights. Surrogacy is officially regulated by Clause 123 of the Family Code of Ukraine and the order of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine "On approval of the application of assisted reproductive technologies in Ukraine" from 09.09.2013 No. 787.

Ukrainian legislation allows intended parents to carry on a surrogacy program and their names will be on the birth certificate of the child born as a result of the surrogacy program from the very beginning. The child is considered to be legally "belonging" to the prospective parents from the very moment of conception. The surrogate's name is never listed on the birth certificate. The surrogate can't keep the child after birth. Even if a donation program took place and there is no biological relation between the child and the intended mother, their names will be on the birth
certificate (Clause 3 of article 123 of the Family Code of Ukraine).

Surrogate mothers have rights to the following:
  • Health insurance
  • Information regarding medical procedures to do, as well as its potential side-effects
  • Choosing her medical team in case of any side effects
  • Psychological help, if required
  • Compensation that was agreed to in the contract
The following documents should be prepared by the Intended Parents before the coming to Ukraine for surrogacy arrangements
1. Passports of the Intended Parents.
2. Original Marriage Certificate
(legalized or apostilled depending on the country of issue)
3. Additional documents

In case one of the intended parents changed name or obtained another citizenship the additional documents shall also be legalized or apostilled depending on the country of issue.

In most cases, foreigners are allowed to stay in Ukraine for 90 days. If you overstay, you will need to pay an overstay fine at the airport right before the departure.

After childbirth, the Alice Fertility Clinic will arrange DNA testing and provide a certificate on genetic affinity. This document will be further used for obtaining the Birth Certificate. Some Consulates/Embassies arrange another DNA testing to prove the genetic affinity between the child and the intended parent(s).
Alice Fertility Clinic assistance
Our clinic will provide and prepare all the documents required by your Consulate/Embassy (arrange legalization/apostilization and certified translations). Please contact your manager to know how much time it can take, since timing depends
on the season. On average, you will be provided with the following documents:

  • Legalized/apostilled Birth certificate(s)+translation(s)
  • Legalized/apostilled notary certified Statement(s) of the surrogate mother + translation(s)
  • Translated medical discharge document(s) issued by the hospital
Please contact your Embassy before you arrive in Kyiv for childbirth in order to obtain a full list of documents required for the exit process. Preparing all the documents in time will ensure a fast exit process and help you avoid any delays.
Why Alice Fertility Clinic Is The Best Option For You
As a full-service fertility clinic dedicated to helping create a complete family, choosing Alice offers the following benefits to all deserving, aspiring parents:

  • Convenient payment structures with no hidden costs
  • Guaranteed surrogacy programs tailored to clients' needs
  • Full legal support
  • No waiting list for a successful match with an available and carefully picked surrogate
  • Individual care and support throughout the surrogacy journey
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