How does it work in Alice Fertility Clinic?
Alice Fertility Clinic
At Alice, we understand how desirable parenthood for our future parents is. That is why we are ready to work day and night using modern and high-tech equipment and to make your dreams come true.
Step 1
Free consultation
Our managers are always ready to answer your questions, address any fears that you might naturally have and provide as much information as you need
Step 2
Documents conformation
We need to look at your marriage certificate and medical history to confirm that you qualify for a surrogacy program in Ukraine
Step 3
Visiting Ukraine
After your documents have been reviewed, our specialists will offer you a program that will best suit your individual needs and requirements. You can then plan your visit to Ukraine. First time in Ukraine? Do not worry, our team will take very good care of you
Step 4
Medical tests
Once in Kyiv you will meet your doctor and take all the required tests at the clinic. You will meet our team and sign the required agreements before you are free to go home
Step 5
Embryo culture
Our embryologists cultivate your embryos and carry out PGD/PGS testing. The goal of the test is to identify abnormal embryos which will not beto be selected for transfer. These are more likely to become healthy babies
Step 6
Embryo transfer
All our surrogate mothers undergo complete medical examination and screening before we can assign them with a couple. Should you wish to meet your surrogate before the embryo transfer procedure, we can arrange a members to assist. Two weeks
after the result, which is ideally a positive pregnancy!
Step 7
Monthly reports
Every month throughout the pregnancy you will receive detailed medical reports, ultrasound pictures and scans of your baby to update you on the pregnancy progress
Step 8
You will arrive in Ukraine a couple of days before the due date. The intended mother is welcome to be there for the birth while the intended father can join the baby's life. Our team provides full support for the couple throughout this wonderful time to include translation and legal services, coordination and assistance.
Step 9
Going home
After obtaining all the required documents, you are ready to go home with your baby!
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