Pregnancy care
With Alice Fertility Clinic be sure that you'll only receive accurate information and confidential services. Personal and health information is treated highly confidentially. Protecting client's privacy is a very important value for us.
Services provided by Alice Clinic for surrogate mothers include:
Information about pregnancy
Testing for sexually transmitted infections and diseases
Psychological assistance
Pregnancy tests
Pregnancy monitoring
Consultations with a licensed medical professional
Blood tests
3D/4D Ultrasound scan
Doppler fetal ultrasound
Genetic Screening
3D/4D Ultrasound scan
3D and 4D ultrasound scans allow you to see your baby in even more depth and detail than a standard 2D ultrasound. There are several reasons ultrasounds are necessary during pregnancy including:

→ Confirming delivery date
→ Checking baby's heartbeat
→ Making sure the pregnancy isn't ectopic (i.e. in the Fallopian tubes) and is in the uterus
→ Confirming the number of babies in utero
→ Making sure baby is developing properly and at the appropriate pace
→ Checking and measuring baby's major organs
→ Measuring the size of your baby
→ Checking amniotic fluid levels
→ Diagnosing any birth defects
→ Determining baby's sex
→ Giving parents a look at baby and providing reassurance that all is going as it should be in the pregnancy

Doppler fetal ultrasound
With Doppler fetal ultrasound, your practitioner uses a hand-held ultrasound device to amplify the sound of the fetal heartbeat with the help of a special jelly on surrogate mother`s belly.
Genetic Screening
Many genetic abnormalities can be diagnosed before birth. Many doctors may recommend genetic testing during pregnancy if you or your partner has a family history of genetic disorders or if you have had a fetus or baby with a genetic abnormality.
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Alice Fertility Clinic operate according to the highest standards of care and integrity, subscribing to the standards of care outlined by Ministry of Health of Ukraine, making our clinic a safe, non-judgmental place to monitor pregnancy.

Together, medical professionals and your personal managers form a powerful team. By offering practical, compassionate support and highly professional medical care we make our clients and surrogate mothers be calm and confident that they are in good hands.
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