Exit Process
Surrogacy in Ukraine is considered to be the most affordable and legally secure option for heterosexual couples looking to start a family. Ukraine enjoys relatively high living standards and surrogate mothers are accustomed to safe living conditions and availability of healthy food. Ukraine follows a modern legal tradition. The Ukrainian law explicitly support surrogacy agreements for heterosexual married couples, where an intended mother has a medical reason for why she cannot carry a child.
The following documents should be prepared by the Intended Parents before the coming to Ukraine for surrogacy arrangements
1. Passports of the Intended Parents.
2. Original Marriage Certificate
(legalized or apostilled depending on the country of issue)
3. Additional documents

In case one of the intended parents changed name or obtained another citizenship the additional documents shall also be legalized or apostilled depending on the country of issue.

In most cases, foreigners are allowed to stay in Ukraine for 90 days. If you overstay, you will need to pay an overstay fine at the airport right before the departure.

After childbirth, the Alice Fertility Clinic will arrange DNA testing and provide a certificate on genetic affinity. This document will be further used for obtaining the Birth Certificate. Some Consulates/Embassies arrange another DNA testing to prove the genetic affinity between the child and the intended parent(s).
Alice Fertility Clinic assistance
Our clinic will provide and prepare all the documents required by your Consulate/Embassy (arrange legalization/apostilization and certified translations). Please contact your manager to know how much time it can take, since timing depends
on the season. On average, you will be provided with the following documents:

  • Legalized/apostilled Birth certificate(s)+translation(s)
  • Legalized/apostilled notary certified Statement(s) of the surrogate mother + translation(s)
  • Translated medical discharge document(s) issued by the hospital
Please contact your Embassy before you arrive in Kyiv for childbirth in order to obtain a full list of documents required for the exit process. Preparing all the documents in time will ensure a fast exit process and help you avoid any delays.
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