Egg donation in Ukraine is absolutely legal. According to the Ukrainian legislation, the donor has no parental rights to the child.
Egg donation is an anonymous program when a woman donates her eggs by her own will to another woman faced with an infertility disease and desire to carry a child on her own. Also, and egg donor cells can be used by a couple/single who not capable of getting pregnant and decided to use a surrogate mother. In vitro fertilization with the use of donor eggs is one of the most popular and successful methods of infertility treatment, as it uses the genetic material of healthy and young donors.

Alice Fertility Clinic has a massive egg donor base to any preference. Our medical staff is a team of best specialists in a sphere of reproductology with access to modern medical equipment and technologies.
All donors undergo extensive medical screening that includes a genetic profile of the donor and medical examinations that ensure that their eggs are suitable for the surrogacy procedure. Our donors are chosen based on genetic background and physical attributes. As per the legal requirements in Ukraine, egg donation must remain anonymous, therefore the intended parents will not have access to the donor's personal details at any stage. We co-operate with clinics in other countries and have access to non-European looking donors.
How do we choose an egg
donor for our base?
Step 1
Fill the application form
Step 2
Have a free consultation with our manager
Step 3
Physical examination and medical screening
Step 4
Hormonal stimulation
Step 5
Egg retrieval
We have a database where IPs can choose their own donors.
In order to choose the most suitable donor, we cask IPs to complete a questionnaire where they select their desired phenotype and characteristics. As a result, we can offer you only those candidates who have the maximum similarity with you.

Alice Fertility Clinic offers an egg donation program with an individual donor who will be chosen specially for you based on your requirements.
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